Gracie McCullough: Collegiate Athlete

Gracie McCullough is a Shelbyville Central senior who just signed with Columbia State Community State for softball in the fall of 2020.

Gracie has always had a love for the game of softball. Ever since she was a little girl, she has always wanted to play softball in college. When asked what her dream school was, she replied with, “My dream school has always been Columbia State. I have always had a great pull to that school.” She also gives credit to her mentor and travel ball coach, Cam Farell, who helped her get her position on the college team next year. Cam got in touch with the coach at Columbia State and told him about Gracie’s softball skills. Gracie has played many sports in her past, but the love for softball trumped every other sport.

While at Columbia State, Gracie plans to major in radiology. When asked why she picked this field, she said “Because I messed up my knee in the seventh grade and have wanted to study X-rays ever since.” Gracie has had two major surgeries that were caused by injuries in her softball career. Freshman year, she had knee surgery and junior year she had to have elbow surgery. Gracie says that she wants to get into radiology to help people like the way she was helped.

Gracie has always loved the competitive side of softball. She has been loving the competition for over 13 years. Gracie also mentioned that softball has changed her life by helping her know what it means to be on a team and to play for something bigger than herself. She also said that her travel team helped her meet some of her best friends that she still has today.

SCHS is so proud that Gracie has chosen to further her academic and softball career at Columbia State. We know that she will do great things while she is there and make us all proud. On behalf of the Golden Gazette, we hope that you have a fantastic time at school and wish you all of the best!

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