Avery Wriedt On The Right Track

Avery Wriedt, a junior here at SCHS, is in many activities and is very scholarly. Not only does he have an ACT score of 28 and is currently ranked 26th in his class, he also is the new Head Drum Major for our Marching Band.

While dedicating his time to National Honors Society and French Club, Avery also spends his time conducting or playing the flute for the marching band and Wind Symphony.

Once former graduate Ashlee Dunn left, current Senior Jadon Buchanan became head Drum Major. This created an open spot for someone to conduct backfield, and Avery believed he was the man for the job.

Left: Jadon Buchanan
Right: Avery Wriedt

“As much as I love playing flute, I also really wanted to make a difference in our band and be able to help others outside of my section,” He stated in an interview.

When asked, “Why wouldn’t you just want to be a section leader, they also help people,” he replied with, “I want to be able to be there for others outside the flute section.”

As the marching season started, Avery slowly began his adventures as a leader in the program. He explained that many leaders before him showed good and bad aspects of leadership and he planned to take those topics into consideration.

“Leadership is the ability to lead others to do things you are willing to do. You also have to be willing to be hard on people to get your point across,” Avery said in the interview. He believes the program will do greater things once everyone commits to their duties and take a serious understanding of the show.

Avery stated that once he leaves high school he plans to attend a competitive college for a major in business and if they offer band, he does plan to take the course.

“I will miss the friends I’ve made and the accomplishments we have achieved,” he said with a smile toward the end of the interview.

“I’m very excited for next year and the things we can accomplish. I truly think this next year will be one of the best ones yet,” And as the Head Drum Major with band, he anticipates the goals for next year.

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