Social Media Detoxing

Many have asked why I’ve chosen to do a social media detox during a time like this, where social media is playing a major role in getting information about this Coronavirus pandemic. My reply is that I just need time away from it. Although social media is one way to get information on this current pandemic, effects on someone mentally can be greatly affecting.

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression:

Anxiety is one thing that has spiked for not only me but others during this pandemic. The shortest most comprehensive way to explain it is having excessive nervousness, worry, fear and/or panic. Stress is the main trigger for anxiety. Because there is an uncertainty about what is going to happen next and how the virus spreads, that can cause stress which then triggers the mind into worrying, and for people with anxiety, like myself, it only makes everyday life harder. Among students, about 50% of students have felt overwhelming anxiety.

Another way this pandemic is effecting people mentally is by causing their depression to be triggered as well. Depression comes in many different forms just like anxiety; however, it not only makes everyday life harder, it can make someone not even feel like doing anything but sleep. Among students, 20% – 30% report having symptoms of depression, but for others who don’t report symptoms nor express their feeling, life is harder because they’re not getting the help they need.

Both anxiety and depression are major struggles many students, like myself, have to deal with. Because many things are canceled or closed, the outlets most people have are not there. This causes excessive social media intake, which is not only bad, but because there can be a lot of negativity and false information, it can be overall draining to someone mentally. For that reason, I chose to do a social media detox for two weeks.

My experience detoxing

For me, the two weeks of my social media detoxing was filled with a lot of productivity, and me working. I took up new hobbies and rekindled old ones, learned new recipes, got my sleep schedule on track, and discovered that I have a problem with eating bagels and…..Yes! I ate a lot of bagels of many different varieties.

I also found apps and games that help with anxiety and practicing mindfulness. I created an updated playlist for little task which has an amount of songs that are added up to a total amount of time for each task. Bullet journaling has also become a thing that I have been looking into and tried for the two weeks, and I would recommend doing it when you want to track your life and become aware of how much of something you do or just for planning in general.

Overall social media detoxing lowered my anxiety and stress levels. It also got me out of my mini-depression that I had.

To conclude, answering “Why did you social media detox during this time?” comes with my simplest answer… for my mental health.


  • Check on your friends
  • Get information from reliable sources
  • Take up new hobbies
  • See the positive side of things

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