What’s it like to be in Cross Country?

Cross country is a great sport to participate in. Well, what’s cross country? Cross country is a long-distance running sport in which teams and individuals race against each other.  At SCHS there is a cross country team led by Mrs. Church. To understand, in depth, what it’s like to be in cross country, I surveyed a few of the cross country members at my school.  

What is it like being in cross country?  

“It’s fun that you have a friend/familia-based team.” – Malekai Erwin, a junior. 

“It’s hard every day, but you just have to push through. But honestly, I love the sport as much as it’s hard to do. I love how the team gets together and makes you feel welcome and how supportive they are.” – Odalys Rojas, a sophomore.  

“It’s very calming when going for a run.” – Joshua Navarro, a sophomore. 

“It’s lots of fun and gets you out and about running against lots of different schools in lots of different places, and it has you meeting a ton of people whether they’re from your school or a different school.” – Nancy Diaz, a senior.  

“Cross country is a dedication to keep yourself involved and willing to keep pushing, but it is worth it. You build great relationships with your team and meet many amazing people at meets.” – Kelsey Harden, a senior.  

How has being in cross country changed your life? 

“It helped me get through a lot of stuff I went through this year, and it helped me set goals for myself that I have almost completed due to cross country. I really like it a lot; I wish I would have joined sooner” – Jared Rojas, a senior. 

“I became a much healthier person than I was before.” – Chase Butcher, a senior.  

“Physically made me feel more energized and happy to be around people.” – Malekai Erwin. 

“I’m fit and I lost weight; I was 170lbs and now I’m 148lbs.” – Estevan Delgadillo, a senior. 

“It’s changed my perspective in health and in improving as a person.” – Odalys Rojas.  

“It really got me out of my comfort zone and helped me open up and meet a ton of amazing people I would’ve never even talked to if I hadn’t joined.” – Nancy Diaz. 

“Cross country has introduced me to so many new people and created so many new friendships I wouldn’t have otherwise. It also has taught me to push through mental battles in everyday life just like pushing through more numerous miles at practice.” – Kelsey Harden.  

After hearing from the cross country team, I really think cross country is a great sport, where you experience many life changing moments. Being in cross country also benefits your physical and mental health, such as eating healthier food, becoming happier, and feeling more energized. It is fun and a learning experience. You build up sportsmanship and make friends that change your life. Being in cross country makes you set goals for yourself and surpass them. Overall, you become a stronger and more confident person.  

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