Coach K cancels non-conference games

The NCAA men’s college basketball season started November 25th, and people had mixed emotions about the season not being delayed. Dukezonee, a fan page, said “Basketball season shouldn’t be starting this early. The NCAA should wait until football season is over, or least wait until January. With players, coaches, and staff traveling when numbers are high, that is going to increase the chances of them getting COVID.” 

Duke men’s basketball coach, Coach K, has decided to cancel all nonconference games this season. Duke only had three nonconference games left this season, so why would they cancel? Duke was supposed to have their first game November 25th against Gardner-Webb, but the game got postponed due to a positive COVID test in the Gardner-Webb program. With that game being postponed, Coach K had more mixed emotions about playing during the pandemic. 

Duke ended up playing Coppin State, Michigan State, and Bellarmine with no difficulties. It was not until they were supposed to play Elon that COVID was a factor for them not playing again. The Elon game was then postponed further into the season. Duke ended up playing Illinois, a top 10 ranked team, and lost. A couple of days after the loss to Illinois, Coach K announced that they would not be playing anymore non-conference games for the rest of the season. Critics and Coaches were quick to judge Coach K for the decision. 

Alabama coach, Nate Oats, was one of those coaches. In an interview Oats said, “You think if Coach K didn’t lose the two non-conference games at home, you think he would be saying that?” Duke fans didn’t like what he said, and Dukezonee had some words for him. “He coaches at a football school. He shouldn’t be even mentioning Coach K’s name.” The problem went back and forth on Twitter for a day or two, until it settled down. 

In my opinion, Coach K made the right decision for the players. With canceling those games, Duke now has time to spend Christmas with their families. They also have more of a break in between the Notre Dame game and the Pittsburgh game. 

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