First Job

Jobs are scary, especially when it is your first one, and you are so scared to mess up.  

I started working at a Mexican restaurant as a host and let me tell you, every time I walk in there, I am terrified, and I have been working there 2 ½ weeks. People can be rude, but what makes me anxious is when the boss comes in and works with us. He is not a mean or cruel man, but just his presence tells you to not mess up.  

There have been a couple of times when I have needed to ask for help but do not because I am afraid to ask. That is also another thing new workers must overcome: If you do not know how to do something it is better to ask than to mess up.  

Working in the food industry allows you to get in touch with the people of your community, and you meet a lot of new faces. If you aren’t a people person, then working in the food industry might not be for you; whereas, since I can be a social butterfly, it works out great.  

Getting a job isn’t as scary as it seems; it gives you responsibility and maturity that you need when entering the adult life. I remember that after my first paycheck it felt amazing to fill up my own gas tank. It’s the small things like that, that allow a job to be a great experience for young adults.  

A job in the real world also has its cons. For example, the times we are living in can put your health at risk. In my town, there are plenty of people who don’t believe in the virus, so they don’t wear their masks. I understand that you can’t wear your mask when eating but at least the 5 yards to your table could help. There are even customers who will be upset when you, the employee, is wearing a mask because they “can’t hear you,” which can be very frustrating when you know they are only doing it because a mask bothers them. That’s the problem with working in the public with a lot of people. I remember my first Friday night a fight broke out and police were called. It was a small bicker between which mom was going to get front row for their kid’s singing karaoke. The police were called and the mood of the entire restaurant went down and people were just annoyed.  

So, yes, working in the food industry can be stressful, but after a while, you get to know the people and the regulars. You can point out which customers are the bad ones and which ones are just there to enjoy some live music and drinks.  

Overall, choose your job carefully and make sure it fits who you are because working with the public can be stressful. However, anyone can do it if they get in the right mindset and need to get it done.  

I know that I’ve always been a super anxious person, but in a work environment it’s different. Your persona changes because it’s your job.  So, if you’re thinking of getting a job soon, do it because it does help you in many ways.

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