Prodigy 5: Sun Master

“We all dream of being strong, but what is strength exactly. Is it your muscles, your mind, or even your soul. There isn’t an answer to that question at all. Strength is merely a term for someone who can do something effectively which means everyone has a strength. Some can lift buildings, some can run the fastest, and others can control things with their mind. In the end, everyone is strong but those strengths have limits. Some limits are longer than the other, but it’s all the same. All except for me because I have a strength that has no limits.”

In 2009, a boy with golden brown hair and yellow eyes was born in a small town in Georgia. In his small years he was a kind child and always did as he’s told. A lot of the adults respected him, but other kids were envious of him. One day, three boys who slightly taller than him bullied the kind eight-year-old. When one of the boys tried to slap him, the boy grabbed his forearm with ease and without trying, breaks it. The act caused the three to runaway, but it left the boy confused. Overtime, the whole town knew of the act and had negative feelings of the boy. His two parents were horrified of his presence, so they tried to call someone to take him away. The boy was scared and didn’t know what to do, but a woman dressed in a dark cloak appeared and came to aid. She brought him to a train station and without warning, put him on a train that was heading towards a city. The boy didn’t knew who that woman was, but he was forever grateful.

Many years later, Silver City was dealing with another villain attack. A wavelink with brown shaved hair and dressed in a orange shirt, black jeans, orange boots, and a purple leather jacket was destroying everything that was in his path. His fist were large and made of stone and he used them to punch and smash everything in his path.

Watching the whole thing was someone with the physique of a weight lifting teen. He was tall, had cowlick hair with a golden-brown color, and yellow eyes. The person calmly walked towards the villain and when the villain turned to face him, he was a little shocked at how the person was towering over him.

“Move out the way!” The villain shouted before launching a fist at the person’s torso.

When the fist came into contact, it shattered into many pieces. The villain shook and looked up at the person’s face. The person had a neutral expression and just looked down on the villain. The villain noticed the person balling his fist, so he tried to turn and run but before he could, the person tapped his fist against the villain’s stomach and the villain was shot at a car at bullet speed. Everybody saw that the villain was immediately passed out, so some of the civilians cheered while others stood in shock.

After a while, the police came and took the villain and the person took that as a cue to leave. As he walked through an empty street, he noticed that the sun was going down.

“Better find a place to rest,” the said to himself with a heavy masculine voice.

“If you need a place to stay then I could help,” a voice said.

The person felt a presence behind him so he turned around, only to find a man hovering over him. The man had bright blond hair, bright blue eyes, he was dressed in a light blue suit that went neck to foot and a light blue mask that went around his eyes.

“I know who you are,” the person turned around, “you’re Superior.”

“Superior is the most strongest hero in the world,” the person thought, “he can fly and shoot cosmic beams from his hands. His physical strength is unlike any other, but can it beat me?”

“I saw that attack earlier,” Superior spoke, “you’re strong. Maybe a bit too strong.”

“My strength is a curse for being alive,” the person calmly replied, “the best I can do with it is hold down bad guys.”

“That’s good!” Superior nodded.

“It is, but it’s a struggle,” the person explained, “if I try to fight back, people would get hurt and it’s not just the bad guys. I’m too strong, so I have to hold back to protect the people I’m trying to help. It is why that I can never have a friend of my own. No one normal can handle the raw power which I possess.”

“What do you want to do with your life, my friend?” Superior asked.

“I want to do good without hurting others,” the person answered.

“Then I’ll help you,” Superior placed his feet on the ground, “I’ll teach how to hold back and I’ll turn you into the person you always wanted to be.”

“You would do that!” the person said in shock.

“Yes,” Superior extended his hand, “will you except my help.”

The person nodded and grabbed Superior’s hand. Without warning, Superior was shot into the while holding onto the person. As they flew, the person eyes widened but he remained cool throughout the flight. They flew down an opening on a roof and entered what appeared to be a public library. The place was empty, but all the lights were on. When they land on the floor, the person had a confused expression.

“What are we doing at the Silver City Public Library?” The person asked.

“This the place is pretty much my base of operations,” Superior began to explain, “you see…”

As Superior explained his reasons, the person’s attention turned to someone else. Walking down one of the halls was a beautiful woman with flowing golden-like hair, shining gold eyes, fair skin, and dressed in unfamiliar white robes. As the person looked at her, he kept gaining a feeling like he knows her. The person was lost in thought, until Superior spoke up.

“Are you shrinking?” He asked.

The person eyed his arms and legs and they began changing.

“I must go!” The person quickly.

“Wait…” Superior called out, but was interrupted by a sight.

The person in front of Superior was no long muscular. He was smaller, skinnier, and his hair was a bit loose. What surprised Superior the most was that the person had the appearance of a kid, no older than twelve.

“I never got your name,” Superior said, a little shocked.

“My name is Eric Jacob,” the person replied with a weak voice.

Moments later, Superior and Eric sat on a table and Jacob finished explaining his transformation to Superior.

“So whenever the sun’s out, you have god-like super strength and when the sun’s down, you’re like this,” Superior summarized.

“Yes,” Eric nodded while stuttering, “my power is limitless during the day but at night, I’m the weakest thing alive.”

“This is a complete character switch,” Superior thought.

“I’ll tell you what,” Superior gave a reassuring smile, “tomorrow, we’ll start your first training session and see what you can do. Goodnight, Eric.”

Superior began to walk away and Jacob had a small smile on his face.

“Thank you, Superior!” Eric nodded.

“Actually,” Superior pulled down his mask, “call me John while you’re here.”

“Of course, Mr. John!” Eric nodded.

“Close!” Superior lightly chuckled.

Superior walked away, leaving Eric with a happy expression. He was glad that someone was actually reaching out to him instead of turning away. He was mentally celebrating until he came to a realization.

“Where am I gonna sleep?” he said to himself.

The next morning, John entered the library while dressed in casual clothing. He looked around, hoping to find his trainee but only found the woman from yesterday reading a book.

“Good morning Reila,” John greeted.

“Good morning John,” the woman known as Reila greeted back.

“Sorry, I forgot to introduce you to my trainee,” John said.

“It’s okay,” Reila reassured, “I was a little busy with my duties, so you got nothing to be sorry about.”

“Do you know where he is?” John asked.

“No, I don’t,” Reila answered.

John raised his head a bit to see the same opening on the roof from yesterday. He focused his gaze and saw what looked to be Eric sitting on the roof.

“There he is!” John tried to fly up, but was stopped by Reila.

“Wait a minute John,” Reila spoke, “do you mind if I talk to him for a bit.”

‘Sure!” John nodded.

On roof of the library, Eric watched the sun as it slowly rose. He felt the heat radiated from the sun along with his muscles slowly expanding. After what seemed like a while, Eric was as muscular as when John first found him.

“It appears that you have grown close to the sun,” Reila said as she appeared behind Jacob.

“Me and sun are simply chained together in fate that I don’t understand,” Eric replied in a heavy masculine voice.

“It’s actually pretty clear,” Reila claimed, “more clear than you think.”

“How so?” Eric questioned.

“Why do you think out of all people, the sun chose you to possess miraculous strength?” Reila asked.

Jacob couldn’t answer but instead, make eye contact with Reila.

“It is because that you are someone who is worthy to be a protector,” Reila answered herself, “you are a kind hearted boy who puts other before himself and is willing to be brave in tense situation.”

“At day, I brave but at night, I’m a coward,” Eric claimed.

“You are no coward Eric,” Reila stated, “this gift that you possess is only a sword and shield that you can use to defend the innocent. All you got do is pick it up. Now please rise and work hard to be not just a hero, but a champion.”

Reila gave a smile that some warmed Jacob’s heart. She was about to walk away until Jacob called out: “Wait!”

“What is your name?” He asked.

Reila turned around and gave a brighter smile.

“I am the Godess of the Sun, Reila,” She answered before walking away.

Eric could only stare as Reila walked away. He had a warm feeling that he never felt once in his life. He didn’t understand much about, but Eric knew that he has fallen in love with Reila.

A couple of weeks has passed and during that time, John and Eric have been learning ways to limit Eric’s power. It wasn’t physical training that they indulge themselves in, but mental training. Library contained secret textbooks that talked about magic, monsters, and even civilizations from outer space. At day, it was the Silver City Public Library but at night, it was a place where Eric could study about the unnatural. John has been extremely kind to Eric, as if he was his own sun. He was also very protective when making sure Eric doesn’t into any trouble during the day. Eric’s feelings for Reila hasn’t changed a bit. She was kind, caring, considerate towards him and would heal him when he gets hurt. Eric also noticed that Reila was generous as she once fixed a little boys toyed plane out the kindness of her heart and that made Eric fall in love with her more.

One night, Eric and John were going over some history books but Jacob was too busy admiring Reila which didn’t go unnoticed by John.

“Looks like someone has fallen for the goddess,” John teased.

“Is it that obvious?” Eric madly blushed.

“You don’t need to worry,” John reassured, “she foreign in the feelings of romance.”

John’s expression immediately turned serious.

“Look Eric,” his voice tensed, “Reila isn’t exactly ‘normal’ and even if you become of age, it could never work.

“What do you mean?” Eric questioned.

“She’s a goddess,” John answered.

Eric has always been told that Reila’s a goddess but even after learning everything he knows now, he still was unsure of the truth.

“I’m getting ahead,” John lightly chuckled, “I think it’s time to start the next phase of your path to become a hero.”

“What do you mean ‘next stage,’ Mr. John?” Eric questioned.

“Hang on tight!” John said before grabbing Eric and shooting out the library.

As they flew across the night sky, John had a confident smile while Eric was screaming at the speed. They eventually landed on the ground to reveal a dizzy Eric twirling around the area. After he regained his posture, Eric looked ahead to find that he standing in front of a large abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of an unfamiliar city.

“What are we doing here, Mr. John?” Eric asked.

“Follow me!” John suggested as he approached a metal door.

Next to the door was a power box and when it opened, it revealed a keypad. After pressing a few digits, the door opened and John entered the warehouse with Eric following behind. When they entered, Eric took a moment to study the room. In the center was large pit that was big enough to fit people and in the back was a rest area with a couch, television set, skating ramps, and a refrigerator. As Eric scanned the rest area, he noticed that it had been recently used.

“Hey guys, he’s here,” a voice called out.

Approaching the two were four boys who appeared to be Eric’s age. The first was the boy who had called out. He was Mexican and had rugged black hair, along with light-blue eyes. He had a welcoming smile on his face and almost eased John’s nerves. Next was a boy who was taller and stranger than the others. He appeared Indian, had pure yellow eyes with cat-like slits, long black hair, and monster-like arms. He had a confident expression, but Eric could tell in his eyes that he was grieving. Then, there was boy who appeared smart. He was Caucasian and had red eyes, along with straight silky hair with yellow highlights. Eric studied the boy, he noticed he was secretly nervous like he was trying to suppress something. Finally, there was a boy who appeared to have no emotion. He was Japanese and had shoulder-length black hair, along with grey eyes. Even though his face was unreadable, Eric could see in his eyes that he was sad.

“Who are they?” Eric asked.

“Prodigies!” John answered.

“What!” Jacob said in confusion.

“You were not the only one to be picked up by a legendary hero,” John explained, “each of these kids were personally trained by one of the most legendary superheroes around the world. They have each been dragged to a world that’s completely different from their being, so this means that you are not the only one who’s different.”

Eric didn’t know what to say. All this time he thought he was only kid his age to be dragged into the unnatural, but he was now standing in front people who thought the same.

“This is next stage,” John stated, “I have taught you enough so now, it’s time you adapt with people like you. You will grow with these kids and you’ll all become heroes together.”

“Will we ever meet again?” Eric asked.

“If you ever need guidance, my door’s always opened,” John claimed.

“Thank you for everything, Mr. John,” Eric nodded.

“For the hundredth time, it’s just John,” John gave a fatherly smile.

“Tell Ms. Reila I said thank you,” Eric said nervously

“Will do!” John said before walking out the warehouse, leaving the gathered five.

The first kid walked up to Eric and extended his hand.

“I’m Marco Fernandez,” he greeted, “it’s great to have you here.”

“Thank you,” he nervously grabbed Marco’s hand, “I’m Eric.”

“Welcome to the group,” the third boy spoke, “I’m Arnold Smolder.”

“Sumato Hikokage!” The fourth boy simply said.

“The name’s Rio Patel!” The second boy stealthily appeared behind Eric.

Eric jumped at Rio’s entrance and before he could say anything, Rio placed an arm around Eric’s neck.

“So what’s your stick?” Rio questioned.

“What!” Eric stuttered.

“You know,” Rio grinned, “your superpower.”

“We all have our own special abilities,” Marco explained, “I have superspeed, Rio can shapeshift, Arnold can produce flames, and Sumato has some mental powers.”

“So what can you do?” Rio raised an eyebrow.

“I can play!” Eric said brightly.

“What!” Everybody exclaimed.

Moments later, Eric played on a keyboard that was stashed in a corner in the warehouse, while Rio tapped on some bongos, Arnold strummed a guitar, Sumato played a harmonica, and Marco sung a melody. As the group played their instruments, the whole warehouse was filled with an invisible aura. The aura was easy and ecstatic as when a family is hanging out with each other. The music finally stopped and grouped took a breather.

“Now ‘that’ was fun,” Rio said.

“Where’d you learn to play the keyboard, Eric?” Arnold asked.

“I use to have a lot of free time,” Eric softly.

“So did I,” Arnold sadly nodded.

“We all did,” Marco stated, “we each used to be alone until we five were chosen by the most strongest heroes in history.”

“They saw potential in us despite our flaws and trained us to be strong,” Sumato added, “we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.”

Suddenly, an image of someone appeared in Eric’s head. When he closed his eyes, he saw Reila’s smile. He quickly reopened his eyes and head towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Marco asked.

“I need a little air,” Eric answered before walking out the warehouse.

It was still night out, but it was surprisingly warm. Eric walked around the field that surround the warehouse with a strange feeling. He couldn’t stop seeing Reila in his head and felt down in the process. He told John thank you, but he never got to say the same think to Reila. Eric was immediately snapped out his thoughts by a familiar voice.

“What are you doing out here so late, Eric?” The voice asked.

Eric slowly turned around and his eyes widened at what he saw. Reila stood in front of him and he felt her kindness radiating from her presence.

“Reila!” Eric stuttered, “what are you doing here?”

I sensed your emotions going down,” Reila answered, “are you okay?”

Eric was too hesitant, but he swallowed whatever fear he had and looked Reila in the eyes.

“Thank you for everything Ms. Reila!” Eric slightly shouted, “it was you who gave me the courage to be here. It was that gave me a reason to try. I appreciate what you done for me, so thank you!”

Reila was stunned at Eric’s words. She felt happy, so she smiled, bend to his level, and kissed his forehead. Eric was feeling a large variety of positive emotions. He wanted to faint, but he had to keep a composure.

“Thank you Eric,” Reila brightly smiled, “I’m happy to here that. I believe you’re going to be the best hero out there. You and your new friends.”

Behind a corner of the warehouse, Marco and Rio watched the whole scene. Marco looked confused while Rio had a look of empathy.

“Why is he so nervous around her?” Marco asked, “aren’t they close.”

“Isn’t it obvious,” Rio replied.

“What?” Marco questioned.

“He’s in love with that woman,” Rio questioned.

“Ms. Reila,” Eric softly spoke, “are you really the Goddess of the Sun.”

Reila didn’t respond but instead, smile while her body started emitting a warm light. Soon Reila disappeared, along with the light and Eric could only stand while feeling amazed and more determined to be a superhero. He reentered the warehouse and Marco was the first to turned towards him.

“Are you okay, Eric?” Marco asked.

“I’m fine!” Eric answered, “why do you ask?”

Rio grabbed Marco’s shoulder and subtly shook his head.

“It’s nothing!” Marco lied.

“Hey guys,” Arnold softly called out, “now that all five us are here, what exactly are we suppose to be doing for now on?”

“Sensei Shadow told me that there would be someone to train us here,” Sumato answer.

“Wonder who that is,” Rio said.

“That would be me!” A voice said.

Everyone turned towards the right side of the warehouse and saw something weird. They were looking at a white rabbit wearing black shades.

“Is that a rabbit?” Everyone thought.

The rabbit poofed in a cloud of white smoke and when the smoke faded, the rabbit’s appearance changed. He was tall and had a humanoid figure. He was dressed in a fancy black suit and wore the same black shades. He towered over the five and Rio grinned at the moment. Rio readied his claws and was about to rush at the rabbit, but Marco held him down before he could move.

“Who are you?” Eric asked.

“My name Alister,” the rabbit answered, “this is where the next stage begins.”

The five looked at each other while processing what Alister said. They each knew that coming to the warehouse was the big step to their hero life and at this moment, it was truly beginning. They all nodded in agreement and were ready to here what their new trainer had to say.

“Each and every one of you were chosen to be next in line,” Alister stated, “at this moment, you are apprentices, students, trainees. You are the next generation itself. You are the Prodigy 5.”

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