Coming back to school, Covid-free!!

As everyone knows, Covid completely took over SCHS’s 2020-2021 school year. The class exit times were changed, hallways were less crowded, and everyone’s favorite school events were taken away. Last year, we were not even allowed to have normal pep-rallyies. I asked some students how these many changes affected them. This is what they said. … Continue reading Coming back to school, Covid-free!!

What are SCHS students doing this summer??

      After a year of COVID, I think that everyone is ready for some fun in the sun!! A summer full of adventures that most of us were not able to experience last year due to the Corona Virus. I reached out to a handful of SCHS students, to see what their plans were for … Continue reading What are SCHS students doing this summer??

Student Spotlight – Cayleigh Ashford-Smith

 Being a full-time student in the middle of a global pandemic can be very difficult, but spotlight student Cayleigh Ashford-Smith does it with utter grace. Cayleigh is an active member in our school community and has a part time job. She does all of this while maintaining good grades and taking honors and dual-enrollment classes. We interviewed Cayleigh about her life as a student here at SCHS, and this is how … Continue reading Student Spotlight – Cayleigh Ashford-Smith

Good questions you have all wanted to ask your History teacher!

Teaching can be one of the best, and hardest, jobs that there is. I believe everyone has had a teacher that has greatly impacted their lives and changed how they see the world. Before having Mrs. Wilson, I believed that history was an interesting class that I had to take in order to graduate. After … Continue reading Good questions you have all wanted to ask your History teacher!

An Interview with Madelyn Harris:

Highschool is always a big struggle for everyone, but senior Madelyn Harris takes it on head first and is always achieving beyond expected goals. Madelyn is an active member of Key club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and an SCHS Varsity Cheerleader while also being the Secretary and Vice president of HOSA. Along with her other … Continue reading An Interview with Madelyn Harris:

Are you ready for Thanksgiving dinner?

Thanksgiving is a day where everyone gets together with their friends and family and celebrates all the things we are thankful for. This may include health, happiness and all things good that the year has brought to us. One of the prime aspects that Thanksgiving has, however, is that everyone eats food all day long. … Continue reading Are you ready for Thanksgiving dinner?

Central Get’s Spooky

One of the most fun times of the school year at Shelbyville Central High school is football Homecoming; everyone gets to dress up each day following the Homecoming theme. This year, Homecoming occurred around Halloween, so what better than a Haunted Homecoming?? This year's theme consisted of anything Halloween, making Homecoming here at SCHS one … Continue reading Central Get’s Spooky