The Deceiver Next Door (Part 1)

       Once again, I can’t seem to sleep. The rustling noises outside keep me awake. Could someone be out there, watching me. I turn around and look out the window, but see nothing, just the trees. I turn back around and look around my room, nothing. It could be my imagination, but it feels so real. I ignore these feelings and try to go … Continue reading The Deceiver Next Door (Part 1)

What’s it like to be in Cross Country?

Cross country is a great sport to participate in. Well, what’s cross country? Cross country is a long-distance running sport in which teams and individuals race against each other.  At SCHS there is a cross country team led by Mrs. Church. To understand, in depth, what it’s like to be in cross country, I surveyed a few of the cross country members at my school.   What is it … Continue reading What’s it like to be in Cross Country?