What did you during the summer?

Alaysia O'Shay What was the first thing you did when you got out of school? "The first thing I did when summer started was go to my friend's house. The day we left school I rode home with her, and we hung out all weekend." What did you do during the summer? "During the summer, … Continue reading What did you during the summer?

TSSAA COVID-19 Protocols

The TSSAA recently made changes to their COVID-19 protocol. Only student-athletes participating, coaches and team personal, athletic officials, game, school, and facility administrators, parents or guardians and other immediate household members, media, and first responders are the only ones aloud into the gym. All fans must always wear a mask. Temperature will be checked at the door as usual. The home team will make announcements at various times during the … Continue reading TSSAA COVID-19 Protocols

Coach K cancels non-conference games

The NCAA men's college basketball season started November 25th, and people had mixed emotions about the season not being delayed. Dukezonee, a fan page, said “Basketball season shouldn’t be starting this early. The NCAA should wait until football season is over, or least wait until January. With players, coaches, and staff traveling when numbers are high, that is going to … Continue reading Coach K cancels non-conference games

SCHS Basketball Preview

The Eagle and Eaglette basketball teams kick off their season November 20th. This year things will be a little different. They’ll check your temperature at the door, and you must have a mask. The student section might not be as full as it was last year, or the gym in general might not be as full.  The coaches have encouraged their players to go … Continue reading SCHS Basketball Preview

SCHS vs Columbia Central

The SCHS Golden Eagle football team played Columbia Central at home Friday, October 30th. This was the last regular season game for the Eagles. The Eagles will not be playing in the payoffs this year, or for the next two years. It's sad to see the season cut short, but hopefully next season will make up for it.   … Continue reading SCHS vs Columbia Central

Homecoming Powderpuff

Emma Williams and Makia Woodard were contributing writers. Powderpuff cheer is a little different this year considering COVID-19. It will be held on the football field, during the pep rally this Friday, October 30th. For those who don’t know, powderpuff consists of ten guys dressing up as cheerleaders and participating in a cheer routine followed by cheers and chants. This year's homecoming theme is Halloween, so the themes for the powderpuff … Continue reading Homecoming Powderpuff

SCHS Girls Soccer Post Season

The SCHS girls' soccer team have had a phenomenal season so far, going 11-3-1. They went to Gatlinburg to play in a cup, despite COVID-19. They ended up losing but came back home to their next game and won. They're on a seven-game win streak and hope to keep that streak going against Coffee County Central. I interviewed Nadia Monroe about this season:  Q- Did COVID-19 affect the season … Continue reading SCHS Girls Soccer Post Season

SCHS vs Centennial

The SCHS Golden Eagle Football team played the Centennial Cougars, Friday September 25, winning 44-28. The week before the Eagles had a bye, so they didn’t play anyone. They had time to recover and practice more before the game. However, the Cougars played against Dickson County and won 22-14. Playing in that game, the Cougars may have had their hopes up, … Continue reading SCHS vs Centennial

Students Share Their Thoughts on Going Virtual

The week of August 24th, SCHS went fully virtual. Teachers started handing out laptops to students and making them sign technology contracts. Students were shocked, but some were not stunned at all, considering there were rumors floating around about administrators and teachers having COVID-19.   Isaiah Tillman Isaiah Tilman was a virtual student before everyone else went virtual. I asked him if it felt different having everyone in your … Continue reading Students Share Their Thoughts on Going Virtual

SCHS Blue And Gold Game

The Blue and Gold game was hosted Friday night August 14. Throughout the day the clouds wear gray, but It wasn’t until 5 o’clock when the rain started to fall. The rain lasted for about 30 or so minutes; however, the rain stopped right before kickoff.   To get inside the game you had to wear a mask, but some people took … Continue reading SCHS Blue And Gold Game