Coach K cancels non-conference games

The NCAA men's college basketball season started November 25th, and people had mixed emotions about the season not being delayed. Dukezonee, a fan page, said “Basketball season shouldn’t be starting this early. The NCAA should wait until football season is over, or least wait until January. With players, coaches, and staff traveling when numbers are high, that is going to … Continue reading Coach K cancels non-conference games

SCHS vs Columbia Central

The SCHS Golden Eagle football team played Columbia Central at home Friday, October 30th. This was the last regular season game for the Eagles. The Eagles will not be playing in the payoffs this year, or for the next two years. It's sad to see the season cut short, but hopefully next season will make up for it.   … Continue reading SCHS vs Columbia Central

What’s it like to be in Cross Country?

Cross country is a great sport to participate in. Well, what’s cross country? Cross country is a long-distance running sport in which teams and individuals race against each other.  At SCHS there is a cross country team led by Mrs. Church. To understand, in depth, what it’s like to be in cross country, I surveyed a few of the cross country members at my school.   What is it … Continue reading What’s it like to be in Cross Country?

SCHS Girls Soccer Post Season

The SCHS girls' soccer team have had a phenomenal season so far, going 11-3-1. They went to Gatlinburg to play in a cup, despite COVID-19. They ended up losing but came back home to their next game and won. They're on a seven-game win streak and hope to keep that streak going against Coffee County Central. I interviewed Nadia Monroe about this season:  Q- Did COVID-19 affect the season … Continue reading SCHS Girls Soccer Post Season

SCHS vs Centennial

The SCHS Golden Eagle Football team played the Centennial Cougars, Friday September 25, winning 44-28. The week before the Eagles had a bye, so they didn’t play anyone. They had time to recover and practice more before the game. However, the Cougars played against Dickson County and won 22-14. Playing in that game, the Cougars may have had their hopes up, … Continue reading SCHS vs Centennial

Get To Know The New Cheer Coach: Daphne Wilson

  For over twenty years Shelbyville Central High School has had the same Varsity cheer coach, Cheryl Moore. Mrs. Moore is one of the most profound individuals I have ever come to know, and as my cheer coach for the last two years, I and the rest of us cheerleaders can say that we will miss her greatly … Continue reading Get To Know The New Cheer Coach: Daphne Wilson

SCHS Blue And Gold Game

The Blue and Gold game was hosted Friday night August 14. Throughout the day the clouds wear gray, but It wasn’t until 5 o’clock when the rain started to fall. The rain lasted for about 30 or so minutes; however, the rain stopped right before kickoff.   To get inside the game you had to wear a mask, but some people took … Continue reading SCHS Blue And Gold Game

Shelbyville goes to Siegel Slam

Players of the Shelbyville Golden Eagle tennis team traveled to Mufreesboro on March 7th to play in the 16th annual Siegel Slam. Despite having to be there at 7:30am on a Saturday, the Eagles persevered. They fought hard, even through cold weather, and played teams from all over the Tennessee Valley area. With 55 doubles … Continue reading Shelbyville goes to Siegel Slam

A Rivalry As Old As Time; Eaglettes Defeat Tullahoma Wildcats On Homecoming Night

On January 17, The Eaglettes and Eagles battled the Tullahoma Wildcats at home while annual basketball homecoming festivities took place. In the first game of the night, the Eaglettes lagged behind the Wildcats for the first half, but after halftime, the Eaglettes racked up points to take a small lead. In the last minutes of … Continue reading A Rivalry As Old As Time; Eaglettes Defeat Tullahoma Wildcats On Homecoming Night

SCHS Basketball Homecoming Travels Through Time

SCHS 2020 Basketball Homecoming takes you on a trip back to the beginning of time, makes a stop in the Renaissance, gives you a tour of the 1900s, and drops you off in the twenty-first century. Basketball Homecoming will take place during the week of January 13 and will give students the opportunity to dress … Continue reading SCHS Basketball Homecoming Travels Through Time