SCHS Pep Rally

After the doubts of whether or not we would have a pep rally, the most awaited time for students occurred. Because of the pandemic, the rally had to be held outside, resulting in many students freezing outdoors supporting their class. The pep rally kicked off with the winners of the pumpkin decorations as well as … Continue reading SCHS Pep Rally

Central Get’s Spooky

One of the most fun times of the school year at Shelbyville Central High school is football Homecoming; everyone gets to dress up each day following the Homecoming theme. This year, Homecoming occurred around Halloween, so what better than a Haunted Homecoming?? This year's theme consisted of anything Halloween, making Homecoming here at SCHS one … Continue reading Central Get’s Spooky

Halloween During Covid

Halloween has always been an exciting holiday. The free candy, visiting haunted houses, the cool fall weather and dressing up in ridiculous costumes makes it popular among people. However, with the threat of Covid still looming, Halloween is going to be a little bit different this year. The fear of spreading the disease, especially to … Continue reading Halloween During Covid

The Horse Show’s Ribbon Girls: A Walking Horse Tradition

The Horseshow is the biggest event to take place in Shelbyville, Tennessee, with many coming from around the state (or nation!) to watch or compete. While this year’s Covid-19 pandemic affected the outside world, the show kept on. The excitement for the awards ceremony was still present and giving out those awards were the Ribbon … Continue reading The Horse Show’s Ribbon Girls: A Walking Horse Tradition

Wat Amphawan of America

Here in Tennessee, one may only expect to see trees, more trees, a few houses here and there, and maybe the Batman building in Downtown Nashville. But within these areas, different cultures and ethnic groups are located all around Tennessee. Of these are the Thai and Laotian communities and their Buddhist temples. The Southeast Asian … Continue reading Wat Amphawan of America

School During the Pandemic: A Student’s Perspective

School is a place that seems like you shouldn’t bring the real world into it. For example, teachers don’t want you talking about the hottest celebs or the newest Tik Tok dance because it’s a distraction, but COVID-19 really took over everything. We were out of school for 5 months, almost half a year, and we still aren’t sure if we should really … Continue reading School During the Pandemic: A Student’s Perspective

SCHS Blue And Gold Game

The Blue and Gold game was hosted Friday night August 14. Throughout the day the clouds wear gray, but It wasn’t until 5 o’clock when the rain started to fall. The rain lasted for about 30 or so minutes; however, the rain stopped right before kickoff.   To get inside the game you had to wear a mask, but some people took … Continue reading SCHS Blue And Gold Game

National Honor Society Tornado Relief Drive

Shelbyville Central's National Honor Society Chapter collected tornado relief items March 9 and 10 to donate to victims of the storms that took place a week earlier. After the tornadoes that took place late on March 2nd across middle Tennessee, several cities and towns were left with a mass of destruction, no power, and questions … Continue reading National Honor Society Tornado Relief Drive

Seniors Triumph in Student Game But Fall Short To Staffulty

Seniors and Sophomores On Thursday and Friday, January 16th and 17th, students of all grades competed against each other in basketball games, resulting in victory for the seniors, then the staffulty. Thursday Throwdown The first to compete were the freshmen and juniors, with a crushing defeat of 25-7 in the juniors' favor. "I'm glad I … Continue reading Seniors Triumph in Student Game But Fall Short To Staffulty